Meeting with David was the best decision that I made for my life.

It was not the first time that I attended a therapy session, but my time with David was different. I wanted to eliminate some issues that I had regarding stress and Anxiety which were really starting to impact my day to day life, and my ability to deal with many of life’s issues in general. I have spent years attempting to rid of these problems, yet no matter what I did, I felt that I never really had control over them.

When working with David, he explained in great details how my mind was actually creating the emotions associated with my fears and anxieties, and then, through hypnosis proceeded to work, what I can only describe as, his magic. Afterwards, I felt lighter, with an in depth understanding as to how and why I was experiencing these anxieties and fears. I was viewing them completely objectively, and had an ability to understand them, which in turn gave me complete control. It was a wonderful feeling.

David is, first and foremost, a fantastic, generous person. He goes above and beyond to ensure that the work he has performed has been effective in your particular session. As a professional therapist, his understanding of the mind puts you at ease, confident that he fully understands your problem. The full process is very professional, with a sense of trust, established from day one.

I wholeheartedly provide my recommendation to anybody looking to improve their quality of life. In my opinion, you could not be in better, more competent or professional hands, than that of David Bailey.


Systems Engineer

I contacted David when I found myself struggling with depressive thoughts, anxiety and loneliness. Just before I saw the GP who called this a depression and proposed to start taking medication. I hesitated however to directly start with anti-depressants after a short ten minutes consultation with the doctor, because I felt that there were other ways to approach my emotional wellbeing.

I didn’t know what to expect when I sent David the first email, because I haven’t heard from or experienced hypnotherapy before. And the response was overwhelming. From the beginning, David’s emails were so full of thought, helpful and practical advice and new ideas of how to shift my perspectives. This included hypnosis relaxation mp3s, short videos for workouts at home to boost serotonin release and recommendations for documentaries and movies about our mind and how it creates reality. Even though the waiting list to get an appointment was long, David’s support was there right from the beginning and I felt he was actually helping me the most of all the people around me with his detailed emails and material that he send me. Whenever I had a question or doubt, he would reply directly to my queries.

Since the session with David, the contact via mail and the practice of his mp3s, I have learned two powerful things that will stay with me forever. First, the fact that when I breath, I relax. A simple technique that I can apply whenever I feel that strong emotions such as anxiety or anger are arising. And it works, every single time. The cool thing is, it is free and always available. Second, I am now able to take negative thoughts not so seriously, but see them much more like clouds that will blow away. So including the very fruitful session we had, after working with David I feel much more equipped to first recognise when mental bad weather arises, and second, to apply techniques that prevent these thoughts from taking over my whole mind and body. I feel it became easier for me to stay calm and relaxed even in stormy moments, which gives me tremendous freedom and strength. This has a huge impact on my studies as well. Usually I would get easily overwhelmed when essay deadlines came closer and course work got more intense. I remember a similar situation the day after the session with David and something shifted inside of me. I was about to fall into my common thought patterns of failing, panic and stress, which usually translates into an eating attack. In that moment I was though able to hold on for a second, breath relax and kindly ask myself ‘are these thoughts serving me, are there really stressful waves coming from my essay to me or is it maybe my mind not thinking very clearly in this moment’?

So even though thoughts of failing are still arising, I know have the ability to step back and watch them passing by, without having to give them so much importance and energy that I can use for the important things ahead.

I recommend getting in touch with David if you feel negative thoughts restricting your daily life and wellbeing.

Leonie Hartman

MA Student, SOAS University

What was it that you came to the session for?

I came all the way from Malaysia to London to do a postgraduate program at SOAS. The scene between those two places was completely different in many ways. It was overwhelming to live in London. In academic and personal settings, I could not really manage to fit into my new life there.
How did the problem affect your life?
My main purpose in coming to London was to study. The problem made me lose focus and my mind was easily scattered because I encountered new issues and adaptation problems on a daily basis. It absolutely affected my performance in class.
What changed as a result of the sessions?
David was of much help. I thought I would only get a mere hypnotherapy session. But it turned out that David also gave me some new insights, life lessons, and positive outlook and perspectives on life and the way of thinking. Afterward, I started to feel good about myself and grow in confidence during my hectic life in London. Overall, David had always been a good person to discuss positivity and sort out the problems I had back then.
What could you do differently in your life?
Since I signed up for the session, I have been more aware of mental health and mindfulness. The sessions with David have actually helped me in making peace with my mind and my own self. I started to acknowledge and grow self-love as well. I managed to survive it through what I remember from the practice sessions with David.
What would you say to anyone who was thinking of having a session?
First of all, in my country, mental health is not yet deemed important. We are so discouraged to seek any help from professionals and being told that having a mental health problem is very embarrassing. Since I experienced it firsthand how useful a hypnotherapy session from David is, I could tell my friends who are having the same problems that it’s okay if you feel something wrong in your mental condition and I would encourage them to see a professional for a help. I even recommended David to one of my friends who encountered a meltdown given that I managed to get through it with his kind help.

Policy Analyst, ministry of finance

When I decided to try hypnosis I was quite sceptical, however the session was very fruitful as it not only helped me to understand the therapy but also helped my personal growth. At some point David asked me to wash away all bad feelings and sorrow, surprisingly I started crying unconsciously, and had no way to stop it. The session went on and once it was over, I felt really revived, free and more confident than ever before. At first I thought it might be only a temporary effect, but now that’s been about 7 months since, I still feel happier and freer. I thank David deeply for helping me be the happy and confident person I wanted to become.

If that was the result with me, I cannot imagine the positive outcome of a treatment directed to specific conditions.

Dr Vanessa Portugal


I can recommend David as a good hypnotherapist. He is a natural therapist, with the right personality, and works intelligently in obtaining good outcomes for clients.

Dr Keith Herne


I am writing you this email because I thought you would have appreciated to have a feedback or comment about the session. I’ve found it really helpful, after that I felt better with myself and I was able to do things I felt I couldn’t do before (just things of everyday life, but I did all of them as I am).
I think one of my main problems is to allow myself to feel in that state of mind in which I don’t “project” my thoughts into people and situations. When I feel powerful there is a sort of sense of guilt that makes me feel bad or even arrogant.
I feel like I have happiness in me but I keep losing it in contact with the world, and every time it happens, I wander helpless until a breath of fresh air (like yesterday’s session was), comes and reminds me again that (sorry for the romantic statement) “this is the way of your heart”. That’s why I’d like to thank you again because your talk made me more confident about the presence of basic tools in myself for living as I would like to.
Deiarina Lozzi

MA Student, University of London

What was your life like before we did the coaching/hypnotherapy?

Life was definitely harder to grasp and understand. I was practising meditation and that was only useful to a certain extent but was curious to know about hypnotherapy and was drawn to it.

What did you think of working with me and the process itself?

I think David gives great personal care to people who come to him. He was warm, understanding, and worked with me to talk about many concepts such as truth, language, knowledge and kindness. We had long face to face and email chats about the concepts themselves and, as a cognitive person, it really appealed to me to talk to David about these concepts in a measured rational manner.

What are the results you have gotten since the session, emails and mp3?

It is difficult to measure results so quantitatively. However, that being said, David really helped me through the conversations that we had and I definitely think of something or the other that he prompted me on almost an everyday basis. I am not sure if I am a better person, but I think I handle myself better now.  Even in difficult mental situations, I feel I have the confidence to know I will be ok.

Would you recommend other people to try it?


Dr Aakriti

PHD Student, University of London

Thank you for your help. I feel changed since our two sessions. The mp3 you gave me really helps me to go to bed in a more relaxed state. Your voice is very calming. The hypnosis was a great experience and a forward step in my journey to become calmer, less stressed and more relaxed.


PR Manager

Lack of confidence is something that I’ve always wanted to tackle but had no idea where to start. I did not anticipate hypnotherapy would have any immediate effects, and thought it may just ease the stress somewhat. The therapy was much different to my expectation. It was like the best relaxed and soothing day dream I’ve had and I felt much more uplifted. Amazingly my back pain(which I’ve had for a while due to the stress) has gone completely after the therapy.

Thank you so much Dave.


Chartered Accountant

I have a lot of problems relaxing and sleeping. A friend suggested I try Hypnotherapy as they had similar problems and found it helped.

I was very sceptical, but felt I had nothing to lose. After the Hypnotherapy I felt much more relaxed than I have in ages, and had the best nights sleep for a long long time.


I had two hypnotherapy sessions with David, those are experiences which I will never forget. Honestly, I had no idea what hypnotherapy was, just a desire to save myself from the miserable world which I used to live. I’m happy to say that after the hypnotherapy, I feel much better than before, and I realise that actually this therapy changed my life so magically. I forgive somebody and something I hated, and I feel much happier that my life is changing for the better.

I loved this experience with David, thank you so much.



I eat properly, I eat well and I eat healthily. I just didn’t think it would be me, thank you.

Jane Ward

I have had a lot of stuff going on in my life this year at work and privately, it was all becoming too much. I needed to deal with the stress in my life. Hypnotherapy has helped so much. Immediately after the session I felt calmer like I had taken a relaxing nap. Since then I’ve had a lot of stressful situations going on that would previously have overwhelmed me, now I am able to relax and control my emotions, hearing your calm words from the session. You’ve changed my life, I felt I was losing my way, now I learned to control myself mentally in any situation, and was able to obtain that positive, optimistic feeling of ‘I can do it’.. Thank you for all your help and support Dave.


I was very sceptical to be honest, my diet before consisted off takeaways and anything that was horrendously bad for me. But since coming in the 4 week period I’ve lost over 2 stone in weight and several inches. I’m Feeling fitter and healthier than I have done in ages. A definite plus. If you’re thinking of coming book your appointment.

Mark Thomson

What was your life like before we did the coaching/hypnotherapy?

My life before I have contacted David to help me, was a full of stress and anxiety. I had to deal with a lot of internal issues, family and school problems, which many times ended up in affecting my health. There were times I wished someone could help me, however I did not think that counselling would solve my problems as many times talking to people about my problems did not help, or only gave a release for a few days or until something else happened.


What did you think of working with me and the process itself?

Working with David was a brand new experience. I only knew about hypnotherapy from articles, shows or documentaries and as I thought my issues were deeply rooted, I thought this would be worth a try. David is a real professional, excellent in explaining things the way everyone can make it their own and still fully understand the point. Since the beginning he was helpful, willing to listen and react to what I was saying.  David kept in touch by emails in between the sessions with interest about my progress and feelings. He did the best he could to forward his knowledge and improve my life (and the experience, too).  Each session was a discussion followed by hypnosis, which made me realise what we were talking about. David also provided me with 2 voice recordings – one for about 30 minutes hypnosis relaxation; and the other a 12 minutes hypnosis to prepare for exams, stay calm and give the best performance I can. I was listening to these recording every day and it did help me to calm myself down and release stress.

The process of hypnotherapy itself was highly inspiring for me. I had a chance to find out new things about myself, to internally realise what was my very early cause of my current issues, and thanks to those sessions I was able to fix the feelings that were connected to my memories and so those situations are not stressful for me anymore. Even when I think of them, I do not feel anything. I am very glad I have made the decision of trying hypnotherapy!

Would you recommend other people to try it?

I would definitely recommend hypnosis to anyone who has problems with their emotions or positive/negative thinking, stress or anxiety (which nowadays is everyone). It is once in a lifetime experience and David is a great professional to work with. The results are truly amusing.

Ivona Harčarová

MA student, University of London

“ The best decision that I made in my life ”

Gary Cronin

“ An uplifting experience and more ”

Dr Vanessa Portugal


More In Control Of Behaviors, Feelings, And Thoughts


Less Depressed


Reduction In Anxiety


Improved Self-Esteem

  • Psychoanalysis: Recovery After 600 Sessions 38% 38%
  • CBT: Recovery After 22 Sessions 72% 72%
  • Hypnotherapy: Recovery After 6 Sessions 93% 93%

How Well Does Hypnotherapy Work?

A Comparison Study In American Health Magazine (Psychotherapy Magazine, Vol 7, Number1, Alfred A Barrios. Phd) reported the following findings from a recent study:

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