Don't Stop Smoking Until You Read This

Even if you have tried to quit before


Dear Friend,
I know you are tired of feeling irritable and restless when you can’t smoke. I know how fed up you are getting that stupid “stop smoking or Die!” lecture from family, friends and physicians, though privately you worry about the effects on your health. And I know you don’t like being made to stand outside like a naughty child when all you want is a cigarette.

I want you to know, you’re not alone… Just the other month, I worked with a client who reminded me so much of you! Her name is Emily. She used to smoke 20 a day and said she was unable to relax without cigarettes. She had thought about stopping, but worried about putting on weight if she quit!

She was scared about her health every time she got a cold and it took twice as long to shake off that smokers cough, and even running for a bus felt like a doing a marathon.

That is no way to live your life! Especially when changing everything and
Stopping smoking once and for all can be so SIMPLE!

Now Emily has been smoke free for 6 months living happily and healthier than ever, wondering why she didn’t do this years ago! And sign up for the Stop Smoking Treatments, which I offer.

What gets me so excited is that Emily’s story is really not unusual. I see so many clients for exactly this kind of thing, and finally the scientific community is waking up to this treatment.

As New Scientist magazine put it.

“Hypnosis is the most effective

  way to give up smoking.”

(New Scientist, issue 1845, 31 October 1992) Using meta data from 600 studies they found that a single stop smoking session increased the success rate of stopping by 1000% compared to will power alone.

The reason most people fail is…

  • They believe smoking is the only way they can really relax, it is a mental addiction
  • They won’t allow themselves a break unless it’s a smoking break.
  • They have an engrained habit and association with smoking eg having a drink and smoking with friends
  • They consciously want to give up but unconsciously these associations and beliefs sabotage them
  • They think giving up will be difficult
  • They worry about putting on weight if they give up

So to fix that I decided to…

  • Teach them powerful hypnosis techniques so they can relax on command at any time
  • Help their subconscious develop new habits that fulfil the same purpose as smoking but without the health risk.
  • Install healthier beliefs and behaviours
  • Synchronize unconscious and conscious desire to stop smoking, making quitting much easier than expected
  • Reprogramme your unconscious to aim for a healthy lifestyle

Once you have your thoughts heading in the right direction, taking action becomes second nature.You gain momentum, it’s a snowball effect and quitting is much easier

And the results speak for themselves! After you stop smoking

  • Within 8 hours your blood and pulse rate drop to normal levels
  • After 24hrs Carbon monoxide is vanished from your body and your lungs begin to clear
  • Breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase
  • The appearance of your teeth and skin will improve due to improved skin perfusion
  • Your sense of smell and taste improve
  • Coughing, wheezing and breathing problems improve and lung functions increase
  • After 1 year risk of a heart attack will fall to half that of a smoker.
  • After 10 years Risk of lung cancer falls to half of that of a smoker.

Not only will you get all these great health benefits, just think of what you’ll be able to spend that extra money on?The average smoker spends £2500 on cigarettes a year. You could afford your dream holiday or trip of a life time with ease.

Now I want YOU to come and experience this amazing, life-changing process for yourself. I want you to get as excited as Emily (and all my other clients!) when in a few short weeks you really NOTICE the difference! Imagine taking a deep breath of fresh air into your lunges and enjoying the taste and smells of food and fragrances more vividly than you have done in years. Imagine how healthy you’ll look and feel with a radiant complexion unblemished by cigarettes and nicotine.


So here’s what I want to suggest:
1.    You book your personalized program with me, just like Emily did.
2.    You come in so I can meticulously reshape this life-changing process to fit just YOU in all your wonderful uniqueness!
3.    We spend 1 hour laser-targeting and destroying every single sabotaging thought,   idea or emotion inside your mind
4.    You will leave feeling elated, knowing that this is the last time you’ll ever need a cigarette!

Now I don’t want you to make a choice to sign-up to my Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Centre in London, until you are certain that it’s the right choice for you.  I guess you would need to consider how much money, frustration and Health worries the stop smoking Programme will save you. And I guess you’d have to feel comfortable knowing that in 8-9 weeks from today you’ll be looking in your mirror and feeling and looking healthier than you have done in years happy that you made the right choice.

Only you can know if a healthy future is worth it to you. All I know is when in 8 to 9-weeks from today and you’re looking back to today thinking how much healthier you are and how good you feel about yourself looking at how great your complexion is you’ll come to realize the one-time investment to do the stop smoking in 1 hour Programme will seem a long and distant memory.

So, if feeling healthy, happy and being nicotine free (and staying that way) is important to you… if you like the idea of looking younger and more radiant… and can’t wait to start feeling more alive than you can remember — then you can secure your place on the stop smoking in 1 hour Programme by:

calling me now on 07985454221

NOTE: Due to word-of-mouth from clients the stop smoking in 1 hour
Programme is often fully booked. So to avoid disappointment it’s best to ring to find out if a slot on the program is still available (or soon will become available).  So Just pick up the phone, right now, and call me on 07985454221

I will personally answer whatever questions you might have left (if there are any!) and make sure to reserve whatever spots I have left when you call.

I’ll be wiaintg by the phone for your call.

I look forward to speaking to you.

BTW: When you sign-up for the stop smoking hypnotherapy Program – you will also get:


I hope to have the chance to meet you and work with you soon.


BONUS 1:  Deep Relaxation Hypnosis MP3

  • You’ll develop calm emotional control at a subconscious level
  • You’ll strengthen your desire and resolve for a new healthier you
  • You’ll have a hypnotic trigger which will enable to relax in situations which used to cause you stress
  • You’ll improve your mind body connection helping you stay smoke free

BONUS 2: Stop Smoking Support Pack

  • Craving Buster Technique that will help you cope with any unwanted cravings or pangs
  • Emotional freedom letters that will help get friends and family to support you
  • Stop Smoking Support guide with tips, techniques and advice for you in your new healthy lifestyle

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