Finally A Way To Feel More Confident!


I know you are tired of feeling anxious, afraid and uneasy. I know how fed up you are of getting that stupid “just be more confident!” lecture from family, friends and well meaning individuals.

I want you to know, you’re not alone… just the other month, I worked with aclient who reminded me so much of you! Her name is Toni. She used to be nervous, riddled with self-doubt in her abilities working at one of London top accountancy firms. She was stressed out, worried and constantly anxious about giving her opinions.

She was tired of feeling unworthy, inferior to others and not standing up for herself even when she knew she should.

That is no way to live your life! Especially when changing everything and
Stopping smoking once and for all can be so SIMPLE!!

Now Toni has been confident for 6 months living happily, more self assured and comfortable in her own skin. Wondering why she didn’t do this years ago! She recently passed a major exam and got a promotion in her job.

What gets me so excited is that Toni’s story is really not unusual. I see
so many clients for exactly this kind of thing. I have an inbox full e mails just like that.

The secret lies deep in the sub conscious mind, in a place you can only reach through Hypnosis. I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master practitioner and for the last 4 years I have focused on developing a programme that will finally end the self doubt, negative self talk and low self esteem which affects so many good people! Success always begins in the mind.

The good news is something can be done to help you. Confidence or lack of it, is a state of mind controlled by subconscious belief systems, these develop through experience, past events and or upbringing. Whatever the cause you can move on, using a powerful combination of Hypnosis, three priniciples and NLP techniques, we can change beliefs at a deep unconscious level, achieving results which regular therapy might take years to attain. Getting to the root cause of any limiting beliefs, clearing away negativity and transforming your subconscious mind with a more empowering mind set. We will release any stress or blockages, enabling you to become fully self-actualized, confident and comfortable in your own skin. You can lead the life you want to live and be the person you want to be.

Once you have your thoughts heading in the right direction, taking action becomes second nature. You gain momentum, it’s a snowball effect andbeing confident is much easier.

And the results speak for themselves! Here are just a few of the e mails and letters I’ve received since perfecting my method

Stress Management and Personal development..

“I have had a lot of stuff going on in my life this year at work and privately, it was all becoming too much. I needed to deal with the stress in my life. Hypnotherapy has helped so much. Immediately after the session I felt calmer, like I had taken a relaxing nap. Since then I’ve had a lot of stressful situations going on that would previously have overwhelmed me, now I am able to relax and control my emotions, hearing your calm words from the session. You’ve changed my life, I felt I was losing my way, now I learned to control myself mentally in any situation, and am able to obtain that positive, optimistic feeling of ‘I can do it’.. Thank you for all your help and support Dave.”

An uplifting experience and more

“Lack of confidence is something that I’ve always wanted to tackle but had no idea where to start. I did not anticipate hypnotherapy would have any immediate effects, and thought it may just ease the stress somewhat. The therapy was much different to my expectation. It was like the best relaxed and soothing day dream I’ve had and I felt much more uplifted. Amazingly my back pain(which I’ve had for a while due to the stress) has gone completely after the therapy.Thank you so much Dave.”

“When I decided to try hypnosis I was quite skeptical, however the session was very fruitful as it not only helped me to understand the therapy but also helped my personal growth. At some point David asked me to wash away all bad feelings and sorrow, surprisingly I started crying unconsciously, and had no way to stop it. The session went on and once it was over, I felt really revived, free and more confident than ever before. At first I thought it might be only a temporary effect, but now that’s been about 7 months since, I still feel happier and freer. I thank David deeply for helping me be the happy and confident person I wanted to become.”
Dr Vanessa Portugal

Now I want YOU to come and experience this amazing, life-changing process for yourself. I want you to get as excited as Toni (and all my other clients!) when in a few short weeks you really NOTICE the difference! Imagine how you would feel to live life without anxiety, self-doubt or inhibition? What could you achieve with more motivation, self-assurance and confidence than you thought possible? How different would your life be if you could overcome anxiety, shyness or sadness? How would it improve your social, personal and work life and relationships?

So here’s what I want to suggest

  • You book your personalized program with me, just like Toni did.
  • You come in so I can meticulously reshape this life-changing process to fit just YOU in all your wonderful uniqueness!
  • We spend our time laser-targeting and destroying every single sabotaging thought, idea or emotion inside your mind.
  • You will leave feeling elated, Confident and self assured!

Now I don’t want you to make a choice to sign-up to the confidence and self developmentprogramme until you are certain that it’s the right choice for you. I guess you would need to consider how much worry, frustration and missed opportunities the confidence and self development programme will save you. And I guess you’d have to feel comfortable knowing that at the end of the programmeyou’ll be looking in your mirror and feeling more relaxed, self assured and confident than you have done in years, happy that you made the right choice.

Only you can know if a happy more confident future is worth it to you. How different would your life be if you could achieve goals easily, overcome anxiety, shyness or sadness? How would it improve your social, personal and business life? All I know is thatby the end of the programmewhen you are feeling much happier and better about yourself,you’ll come to realize the one-time investment to do the confidence and self development programme will seem a long and distant memory

So, if feeling confident, comfortable in your own skin is important to you… if you like the idea of
Being more at ease, calm and relaxed… and can’t wait to start feeling more confident than you can remember — then you can secure your place on the phobia programme by:

calling me now on

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NOTE:Due to word-of-mouth from clients the phobia Programme is often fully booked.
So to avoid disappointment it’s best to ring to find out if a slot on the programme is still available (or soon will become available).

I hope to have the chance to meet you and work with you soon.


David Bailey

Dip Hyp, GQHP, GHR Reg NLP Master Practitioner

All client data is strictly confidential.